It is a spark, an enlightenment, an outburst of energy, of sensation, of stimulation, that motivate us to find meaning, to get out of routine, to push forward, to create and to develop. Inspiration makes me want to express myself. It can come to me slowly and quietly, as a process, or in a flash of light, intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes it is visible, sometimes hidden. Inspiration is what makes me chase, realize and implement my dreams. It's a mental state where everything is possible for me, everything is clear, correct, accurate.
I believe you don't have to go far to find inspiration. It's under our noses, in everything, anywhere, anytime. I find inspiration in almost everything: ideas, people, buildings, nature, art, literature, music, sports, fashion, food—life.

When I meet inspiration, I let it in. It penetrates me, motivates and activates me – I can't do it otherwise, I feel it in my bones. My passion burns, shakes, fills all of me, occupies my mental space, until there is no more free space. I feel alive, excited. I'm moving, doing, creating. I am called to do the thing, to express myself. It comes from within, spreads, takes over and makes it clear to me what I need to do and how. Then I go into the studio and create something
New, different, interesting, different, bold – something I haven't done yet: interesting texture, exciting taste, new cake.
The inspiration for this book came from the world's greatest fashion designers, artists, architects and the wonderful people who surround me and allow me to get up every morning and fulfill my dreams.
I hope this book inspires you...
Dudu Otmezgine
Patisserie chef

Dudu Outmezgine – Patisserie Art
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