Policy Cancellations and ways to cancel Deal

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a.             Derech Cancellation of a transaction

1.       How Cancellation of Sales transactions Remote will do by Contact one of the options Following:

            by Contacting Phone Number 04-9116565. Service Operates days Sun-Thu betweenthe hours 8:00-16:00 and Friday between 8:00-14:00.

               by Inquiry by mail Registered to the address of the Hasmoneans 15 Kiryat Motzkin It should be noted In the appeal "Go Online".

               by Cancel link Transaction appears Site Web.

               by mail electronic Address: Info@duduoutmezgine.com

               by Click a link "Contact Us" appearing on the website.

               by Physical arrival at one From the company's branches. List of branches Appears At the bottom of a site Company.

2.       Message Cancellation has Specify the The following details: Full Name, Address and order number and/or receipt.


In.             Deals which are not given Cancel

1.         Depending on Instructions Protection Regulations Consumer (cancellation) Transaction), 5771-2010 (hereinafter: the regulations), in the purchase of Products Some, no It will be possible to Cancel the order.

2.           Purchasing Products The following is not Conferring a right Cancellation:

            Products food

            Tobin Losers (Products made Break down)

            Tobin Manufactured Especially for Consumer


Gimel.              Policy Cancellation of transactions Sell remotely

1.       Depending on Subject to For the provisions of the law, You can cancel Deal in any Point in time And at the latest until Lamaad Pick up your order In practice, whether by The customer or by Messenger.



d.             Fee cancellation

1.       As Cancellation Reason The transaction is due Defect, non-supply In a timely manner, Mismatch For reservation details, or due to any Other violation by Company, Company Reply to the means Payment paid accordingly For legal provisions Consumer Protection, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: the Law) The Value That you paid for Cancelled transaction No fee will be charged Cancellation.

2.       Clarified Because you should Make available The Company, for the purpose of Pickup, the The product is in place where it was delivered You.


Policy Cancellations Subject to show Articles of association.

Details More is provided Contact the Service The company's customers Dudu Otmazgin Patisserie Ltd. in Notice WhatsApp Number 04-9116565


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